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Personal privacy on the internet is very important to RPMotoring™.  Because RPMotoring™ gathers certain types of personal information and submitted material from its users, we feel it is important that you fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of this information. This privacy statement will outline: 1 - what personal information we gather and how we use it, 2 - explain how RPMotoring™ uses submitted material and 3 - discus RPMotoring™ submission process and any possible copyright infringements that might arise. 

Please remember you can always visit RPMotoring™ without having to identify yourself or reveal any personal information.  If you have any questions regarding this information please contact RPMotoring™ directly at questions@RPMotoring.com

Gathering Personal Information

RPMotoring™ gathers personal information though a voluntary submission process.  This information can include name, sex, age, and email address.  All information provided to RPMotoring™ is voluntary.  These form can be found at the submission page.

Gathering Submitted Material

Submitted Material is gathered through three on-line form found at the submission page.  Submitted material can include "short stories", "car review" or "photographs."  All material submitted should include some contact information, especially for "short stories" and "photographs."  All submissions are voluntary.

Use of Personal Information

Personal Information collected is used solely by RPMotoring™ to improve its site and understand our customers.   Aggregate numbers complied from personal information maybe used for statistical purposes. No personal information such as name, age, or email address will be shared, sold, or given to anyone.

Use of Submitted Material

All submitted material as describe above can be used in the site in any manor. By submitting your material you are giving RPMotoring™ the right to use and publish you work. RPMotoring™ also reserves the right to use this information in books, magazines, TV, and advertisements.  Names of authors and photographers will be included when most material is used.  Names of individuals who submitted car reviews will not be used.

Possible Copyright Infringement

Through our voluntary submission process copyrighted material, such as photographs and printed material, could easily be submitted under false pretenses.  RPMotoring™ makes every effort to ensure that this does not take place.  If you, however, feel that material on RPMotoring™ is being used without your consent, please contact us immediately so it may be removed.


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