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RPMotoring™  was established in 1999 to provide insight and a unique perspective on the automotive industry and its recent developments.  Our goal is to provide a wide range of customers with distinctive content, expert research, and truly entertaining material. RPMotoring is not just about performance figures and engine details. It is a unique interactive internet magazine devoted to a love of cars and the open road.  Today RPMotoring comprises three separate sites websites, each with a unique voice and tone. 

Urban Motorist:  is devoted to the urban motoring enthusiast, with reviews, news, and articles with a unique city perspective.

missing motors: lamenting over all the great (and just ok) motorcars that never reach America's shores. You can look, but don't drive.

Auto Design Weekly:  a weekly internet magazine devoted to car design and culture.

The RPMotoring team:

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RPMotoring Consulting & Services

RPMotoring™  is a media focused automotive consulting firm providing information  on the world wide automotive industry.  RPMotoring™ has widely recognized experts have extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and passion for motoring and the open road.  We provide expert analysis of new car developments, auto show reports, car buying recommendations, and national automotive news stories.  For more info or to contact RPMotoring click here.

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